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Massimo Camellin 

Affiliation: health director of Sekal Microchirurgia, Rovigo, Italy

major interests: refractive surgery, correction of astigmatism after corneal transplantation, corneal transplantation, IOL power calculations and facoemulsification, optics and contactology.

Formulas development:

  • In 1985 he devised the world's first trigonometric formula for determining the posterior radius of the cornea in vivo (published in 1988).

  • He developed a fictitious refractive index for the correct estimation of the total corneal power and its variation after refractive surgery (1993)

  • Camellin-Calossi formula (1997):

    • For virgin eye

    • After refractive surgery (PRK,LASEK,LASIK,SMILE, RADIAL KERATOTOMIES)

    • Toric IOL

  • In 1999 he published the first version of IOL CALCULATOR (Camellin-Calossi), for calculating the IOL after refractive surgery.

  • Different formulas (available on 3C calculator) for calculating of SIRC after laser refractive surgery and radial keratotomies (history and no history methods).

    • knowing the preoperative K,

    • knowing only the postoperative K,

    • knowing posterior-K.

  • Wizard program: program for the correct choice of the corneal radius to be used according to the type of optical zone (small, decentralized, etc.) after refractive surgery and relative calculation of the SIRC

  • In 2020 he developed 3C Calculator free online platform (available on for IOL power calculation in virgin eyes, after refractive surgery, toric IOL, SIRC, SIA, A-CONSTANT calculations.


Dr. Camellin is a member of the following societies:


SOI: Italian Ophthalmological Society;

SILO: Italian Society of Laser in Ophthalmology;

SOT: Triveneta Ophthalmological Society (counselor, member of the board of directors);

AICCER: Italian Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (founding member);

ESCRS: European Society Cataract and Refractve Surgery;

IPC: Intraocular Lens Power Club

ISHO: International Society of High-Tech in Ophthalmology (founding member).

AMOA: African Ophthalmologist Association.

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