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Course Announcement.

The IPC Executive Committee organized the usual course on IOL power calculation at the 2022 ASCRS meeting in Washington, D.C. USA and the 2022 ESCRS meeting in Milan, Italia.

Updates on IOL formulas, optical biometers, IOL power calculation in short and long eyes, in eyes with previous refractive surgery and in eyes requiring toric IOLs were provided to participants.

Next meetings are planned for the 2023 ASCRS meeting in San Diego, CA USA and the 2023 ESCRS meeting in Vienna, Austria.

ASCRS 2022.jpeg

ASCRS 2022

IPC Course ESCRS 2022 3e.jpg
IPC Course ESCRS 2022 1e.jpg
IPC Course ESCRS 2022 KJH 2e.jpg
IPC Course ESCRS 2022 KJH e.jpg
IPC Course ESCRS 2022 2e.jpg

ESCRS 2022

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