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Gabor Koranyi MD PhD

Dr. Koranyi was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1951, and lived there until 1969, when he moved to Sweden after graduating from college. He was interested in mathematics and classical music, but after his father’s advice. he attended the medical faculty at the University of Lund/Malmö in 1970. Gabor also took university courses in mathematics. During the next 10 years, along with his medical studies he received a Masters Degree in mathematics and computer sciences and took serious violin lessons, and played in amateur orchestras.

After graduation in 1981 he married Valerie and they moved to Stockholm and started his ophthalmological training at Södersjukhuset. They have 2 children, Jakob in 1983 and Isa in 1985. He is now the professor of cello at the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, and she is now a physician at the oncology clinic in Växjö, where I moved to in 2006.

IOL usage started there only in 1983 and soon he became the one who manually calculated the IOL powers based on ultrasound measurements for all the doctors at the clinic. The SRK formula was used in the beginning, followed by SRK II and SRK/T. After becoming a cataract surgeon, he moved to the Huddinge Hospital, which became part of the Karolinska Institute. There he created a surgery chart on personal computers for the nurses to fill in during surgery.

In 1989, St. Eriks Eye Hospital created the Karolinska Institute by merging all the ophthalmic surgical entities in Stockholm. He and a colleague were appointed to search for a system of computerized patients records and implement it. For several years he was responsible for extracting research data from these records. I was still interested in IOL power calculations, did a small ultrasound study of the anterior chamber depth and my professor, Bo Philipson, introduced me to Sverker Norrby PhD, the research director for IOL-s at Pharmacia in Groningen, Netherlands. Sverker suggested research together with him on IOL Power calculations, as he had ideas of determining the IOL-haptic plane.

'We published several papers together, but after some time I tired, since Sverker had all the good ideas and I had none. However I began with pterygium surgery and invented the use of fibrin glue which was such a great success, that I decided to change my PhD subject. But I also followed the development on the IOL power calculation field. The IOL power calculation after refractive surgery became gradually an important challenge. Eventually I came up with an Excel chart for SRK/T calculation using different ACD-s for the two different parts of the formula, one measured preop and one calculated by using periferal corneal curvature. It was successfully used in several cases throughout Sweden. I intended to publish the idea and the results, but Dr. Jaime Aramberri published a similar paper with the split formula before I could write mine. Dr Norrby recommended him to present at the IOL Power Club meeting and I was asked to become a Member.'

In 2006, he moved from St. Eriks Hospital to Centrallasarettet in Växjö, a town in southern Sweden, and became the director of the ophthalmology department there until his retirement in 2016. He states “In the IPC, I found so many interesting things to learn and made many good friends. I thank the leaders, the organizers and the participants for all the joyful time I have spent with them and wish them a great future.

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