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David L Cooke MD PhD

Dr. Cooke grew up in Michigan near South Bend, IN. After attending a 6-year medical school at the University of Michigan and an ophthalmology residency at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, he and his wife returned home. He bought a small office with three employees in 1987 and was soon incredibly busy. They spent the next several years adding doctors to try to adequately service their community. Today he has 4 offices, a surgery center, 11 doctors and about 185 employees and has continued to be the managing partner. He is now in the process of handing it off.


He and his son, Tim, have worked on IOL power formulas since about 2006 when they spent hours trying to correctly program the Hoffer Q formula in order to use it in the Masket formula. They ultimately developed the K6 Formula that uses the general vergence formula, thereby avoiding some of the disadvantages of thick-lens, ray-tracing, and artificial intelligence formulas. For the K6, they took the philosophical approach that the best way to get accurate predictions with a formula was to use physiologically accurate values. They used a form of sum-of-segments axial length (AL) that they have published. Their K6 Formula is freely available online.

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